Angela di Zona Tortona

Angela was born in Zona Tortona

Thereupon they moved to a farmhouse

When  she was two, like living in a zoo

With piggies on her knees

At the age of three heard pigs in agony

Then a certain day came when she asked her mum:

Where does all the meat on my plate belong?

She received a straight-forward answer

Just an answer that didn’t cause her bliss

Whereupon she retorted

I really don’t like this

And from that day on her will grew quite strong

Not to take on meat, her family agreed

At the age of seven she cast doubts on heaven

Not everyone’s cup of tea…

Already at five it had dawned on her one night

Why is it that all my pets have to die?

If all this is due to our creator

He’s  someone I’ll never like

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